Some info about VW history

VW is all about being the best

VW, as if you have not heard of them. An unbelievably fantastic car producer. This firm has lots of cars both ingenious and historic. For example the classic VW Beetle. This was the first vehicle to roll off of the production line. It is still available nowadays, however it is a more modern shape.
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VW was started in 1937. Curiously what made this company come around was to do with Hitler and his Nazi movement. Automobile s in Germany were up market and what goes with posh is a high price tag. This meant they were only purchased by those who could afford it. What Hitler asked for was a vehicle to be built that was of a very basic low cost design and able to carry two grown ups and two children in some sort of comfort and safety. This car is defiantly a VW classic and is quite collectible with plenty of clubs and sites dedicated to the Beetle. Even though this somewhat iconic automobile bought VW plenty of success in 1973 the business was heading into problems, the type 3 and type 4 automobiles they’d launched were bought in much smaller units than the Beetle which to had huge reductions in purchaser. Fortunately VW owned Audi, these of course manufactured water cooled engines and helped pave the route for the massive success that was to come for vw.

We welcomed the Passatt in late 1973, basically a fast back version of the Audi 80. This was closely followed by the Scirrocco in 1974. This vehicle was based on the not yet released Golf. VW's pride and joy was the Golf. This car was to be one of the best vehicles ever. It modeled wonderful Italian style for looks and of course simply superb build quality and reliability from the Germans. This automobile has been around for 38 yrs and continues to be favourite amongst the motorists and enthusiasts.

In the late 90’s VW then took over three hyper car makers, these were Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini. This was massive for them and they lost not a second. Audi quickly launched a slimmed down Lamborghini range such as the Gallardo’s. Bentley reached heights with the Continental range, this had record revenues for Bentley at 10000. So for Bugatti, well it is all about the super Veyron with its record breaking top speed of 254 miles per hour.
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When you look at Volks Wagen’s history, it truly is a colourful example with plenty of adorable cars makes and models zipping about.

A vehicle company with all this in its portfolio really does point out to us that they are a wise choice to buy from. Yes they are not the cheapest but even second hand automobiles that don the VW badge are proven to be one of the best buys.